How Does It Work?

It's very simple! Register at as well as 11,215 Spanish speaking service members and start receiving free visits categorized to your needs in a matter of minutes. We will automatically generate a code to insert in your Web Site that will generate credits for your Web Site to receive visitors, you can choose the type of links that you want to show on your Web Site and which do not.

For each link displayed on your Web Site you will earn credits for your Web Site to be viewed on other members' sites. Each link that is displayed from your Web Site will correspond to a credit, you can choose how many links you want to include in your Web Site , for example, for each visit that displays 5 links from your Web Site you will have generated 5 expositions of your link in 5 different sites, so for each user that views 5 links on your Web it generates credits so that 5 new users of others affiliate sites see yours.

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Affiliate Program Code

If a referral is registered through its affiliate program code, you will earn 50 credits plus 5% of all credits that your affiliate generates or acquires.

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