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It's very simple! Register at as well as 11,215 Spanish speaking service members and start receiving free visits categorized to your needs in a matter of minutes. We will automatically generate a code to insert in your Web Site that will generate credits for your Web Site to receive visitors, you can choose the type of links that you want to show on your Web Site and which do not.

For each link displayed on your Web Site you will earn credits for your Web Site to be viewed on other members' sites. Each link that is displayed from your Web Site will correspond to a credit, you can choose how many links you want to include in your Web Site , for example, for each visit that displays 5 links from your Web Site you will have generated 5 expositions of your link in 5 different sites, so for each user that views 5 links on your Web it generates credits so that 5 new users of others affiliate sites see yours.

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boost your trafficWhy text links? Text links have proven to be the most effective method along with pop-type windows. In some cases these windows are not applicable. With text links you will get the most effectiveness currently available in the market.

Affiliate Program Code

If a referral is registered through its affiliate program code, you will earn 50 credits plus 5% of all credits that your affiliate generates or acquires.

Four Importance of SEO for Your Website Growth

Four Importance of SEO for Your Website Growth

seo optimizationSearch engine optimization’ – commonly known as SEO – is probably the most effective ways to enhance sales and website visitor numbers on your website. However, despite its indisputable significance, it is one of the most misinterpreted elements of digital marketing and advertising.

Furthermore, lots of people imagine they can operate a successful website without employing an SEO technique, but people who comprehend its relevance, tend to disregard its complexity. In this article, we’re going to check out some of the most persuasive reasons why SEO is vital for any website growth.

SEO Increases Traffic to Your Website:

A web site will certainly not achieve success without traffic. There is absolutely nothing more essential to the survival or your website than a continuous flow of incoming visitors. importance of SEO include it’s functionality in a personal kind of way, making sure that anybody looking for your discipline, subject, or even specialization will find out about your site ahead of anyone else’s.

For instance, if you own designer shop and have a website, when someone within your locality is looking for such a store, SEO will make sure that that person locates you rather than your competitor.


SEO Enables You To Understand Your Visitors:

Another importance of SEO is that it provides you with the information about people who visit your site. You will be able to understand where they come from, what they have been searching for, the languages they speak, and how often they visit your site. By doing so, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your website is moving towards the right seo company

SEO Is A Cheap Way Of Marketing

Marketing your website through other media is expensive as you will be required to pay both the media and your marketing expert. However, with a good SEO approach, you will be able to market your site without spending much and devoting most of your time on a weekly basis.


SEO Will Get Your Name Out There:

By employing an effective SEO strategy, visitors will flock on your site, and your ranking on the Google search result will grow on a daily basis, meaning you will have a credible name and as such many other visitors will know that your Web site is worth visiting.…

5 ways to increase site traffic

5 ways to increase site traffic

website traffic checkerOnce you set up your own website, it is crucial to learn all about website traffic generation and also make visitors keep coming and recommending it to their family and friends. Investing your time and energy in the beginning will be beneficial in the long run. Make an awesome first impression and it will be a great first step towards making your website popular.

  1. Create a unique and memorable URL

Your website can be the best in the world, if the URL is too complicated to memorize or is similar to other websites, it will drive visitors away. On the other hand, if the URL is unique, you won’t have this problem. The second someone mentions your website, he will be able to find it instantly.

  1. Use social networks to your benefit

Social networks are very popular for the last couple of years and lots of people are using them to exchange opinions. Promote your website on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network that gathers people who may be interested in the market or subjects you are writing about or using the products that you are selling. Targeting audience is very important.

  1. Keep a close eye on the most wanted keywords

If you choose the hot keywords people are entering in browsers, half of your work is done. The moment someone enters them, your website will appear.

  1. Fill your website with quality contentwebsite statistics

Content is the ruler of the internet. When the posts you upload to your website are informative, appealing to the user and free of grammatical errors, you will be on a highway to success. No one wants to waste their time reading junk.

  1. Make your website as functional as possible

We are living in a time when everything is available instantly. If your website is confusing and a visitor cannot find the wanted information fast, then your popularity will drop.

If you follow these simple tips, there will be no obstacles for your website to keep gaining visitors day after day and to maintain its popularity.…

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Uses dynamic exchange rates that are calculated for each member in a personalized way, based on the quality of the traffic and the amount of links that they display in their Web Sites. As opposed to banner exchange conversion rates that can range between (2: 1 or 3: 1), our exchange rate is recalculated every 15 minutes for each member.

The more clicks your visitors make on the links, the higher the exchange rate that will be applied to them. Many members that are currently exchanging links relevant to the theme of their Web Sites receive between 80% (4: 5) up to 100% (1: 1) of conversion rate in impressions of their links and we have members who for the interest that your link awakens get rates of 200% up to 300% in your clicks ratios.

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